In the second season of the popular TV show “Doctor Who” the characters find themselves trapped in a library , as they plead for weapons to defend themselves the good doctor responds “You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!”

His character echoes a Biblical sentiment from centuries before when the apostle Paul would write that “the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword.”  Or his Challenge to the Ephesians to take up the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.  No matter how powerful the tool it remains useless in the hands of an untrained craftsman. The Bible calls us to study to show ourselves worthy workman, who rightly divide the word of truth.

The Basic Bible study series is designed to give you a general overview of the basic biblical concepts of scripture. Although this is far from an exhausting study of bible subjects it’s great for beginning and maturing Christians alike.