In my opinion the Life of Christ is one of the most rewarding studies in all of scripture. We get to see a glimpse of a loving savior caring for the lost and dying world, laying his all on the line to accomplish the mission. We come face to face with Christ’s victories like the great sermon on the mount, feeding of the thousands, healing of the sick, and giving hope to the hopeless. Yet we also are confronted with the saviors disappointments, the religious not interested in relationship, his own peopleĀ  rejecting his teaching, and Christ’s own close friends betraying their mentor. Most importantly it compels us to find answers the often asked question “what would Jesus do”. We love to ask this question and then debate about what Christ might do if we were him, seldom do we stop and take a look at what Christ DID, and how he responded to the real life situations he faced!! Maybe if we did we would approach our faith in a completely different way.

The Following materials are designed to teach a life of Christ course in a small group setting. Each lesson contains two parts, first the study guide that gives detailed background information about the selected subject, and secondly a discussion guide to be used in the small group to stimulate thought, and move the discussion in the desired direction. I hope these materials will be useful for your own personal studies or larger groups alike. To the left of this article you will find a list of the “LIFE OF CHRIST” studies, each week we will add new lessons until the series is finished.
The material contained in these lessons is certainly not all original to me. it is a combination of research I have collected over the years anticipating this project. I would like to thank all of those scholars who have so graciously shared their studies and observations about the Bible with me through the years, I hope others might use this combined effort to accomplish our ultimate task to “Have this mind also in you that was in Christ Jesus”